Our History

His years of experience on construction sites drove Ing. D. van den Bor in the 80's to contribute to smart, safe and responsible work. Contractors were in fact increasingly confronted with extremes in placements.
His passion for technology combined with his knowledge, led to the first own product: the "Loading Bordes". Thus arose in 1987 "Bomecon" Nijkerk.

In the years that followed he increasingly developed their own products. Including the most famous product of Bomecon Nijkerk "The Steker".

In the past almost 30 years Bomecon has become a full-fledged construction and rental company. Together with his son, M. van den Bor (Operations) and daughter S. van den Bor (General management), Ing. D. van den Bor (Engineering) runs Bomecon Nijkerk.